Sunday, December 30, 2007

LG 32LB75 Review

LG's 32LB75 forms part of the Korean manufacturers 'Design Art' range of LCD TV's and without a doubt this screen demands to be noticed. If your tastes are conservative this LG may not be for you, but here at HDTVorg we loved the looks. Leaving behind the clunkiness of old LG's the LB75's arced bottom, glossy finish and dark red barrel (connecting the screen to its stand) produce a rather chic piece of kit.

Picture processing technology on the 32LB75 comes in the shape of LG's proprietary XD engine. The XD Engine brings together a range of picture processing enhancements under the XD umbrella, with particular emphasis on improving the input signal quality.

The good news is that the 32LB75 has made great strides for LG with its SD performance. Most notable is the lack of video noise which has plagued LG's of old. Pictures are much sharper and more detailed and perhaps most impressive this is now an LG able to cope with fast moving pictures. Gone is the intrusiveness of motion blurring even in the most demanding situations. The SD performance of LG's 32LB75 is not flawless, but it is enough to place it into a leading pack of LCD TV's in this respect.

Hitachi goes Ultra Slim with Wooo

Coming in at a depth of just 35mm, the unusually named 'Wooo' series of LCD's from Hitachi are due to make their debut on these shores this Spring.

Initially available as LCD monitors, the Wooo range will expand in October 2008 with the addition of a separate box holding a Freeview tuner and extra connectivity.

Although the removal of the of some of the Wooo's innards goes some way to explain its ultra slim profile, Hitachi has also employed some innovative light-diffusing wizardry at the back of their new panels to shave those extra few millimeters from its width.

Available in 32in, 37in and 42in sizes, all of the Wooo range of LCD TV's apart from the 32in model will come equipped with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions. Prices for these slim screens from Hitachi are likely to start at around £1200 for the 32in model with prices for the larger panels yet to be confirmed.