Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Samsung LE-52F96BD Review

The most interesting aspect of the LE-52F96BD is a revolutionary new form of Backlight 'LED Smart Lighting Technology' which is composed of a series of light emitting diodes (LEDs) rather than the static backlight (a single light source) of previous LCD's.

Samsungs trusty Digital Natural Image Engine (DNIe) forms the picture processing heart of the LE-52F96. The technology focuses on improving black levels, colour saturations, tone and picture sharpness.

The High Definition (HD) performance of the LE-52F96BD illustrates just how effective Samsung's LED Smart Lighting Technology is at producing some of the deepest blacks we have seen on an LCD TV.

Against the improved backdrop of deeper blacks, colours look terrific with a vibrancy that only a few other LCD's can match. As we have come to expect from HD sources, pictures are sharp and accurate, and the colour tones produce wholly realistic results even in the most demanding scenes. The whole HD effect on the LE-52F96 produces what can only be described as a sublime viewing experience.