Wednesday, December 26, 2007

60in Average Screen Size by 2015

The electronics giant Sharp has predicted that many of us will be settling down in front of 60in screens across Europe by 2015. Although the 50in category is the fastest growing segment of the market, Sharp are confident that the trend towards bigger screens will see the average flat panel size supersede this level in the not too distant future.

Mike Gabriel, Sharp Electronics UK head of marketing and communications said: "Big screens are no longer for just shop windows or shiny office receptions so we're seeing the size of TVs in the home increasing dramatically. People no longer have to compromise on space or quality. This is why our range of TVs at 42 inches and above is growing."

In just one year, the the most popular size LCD panels that Sharp sells are their 46in models compared to 42in just a year ago. Sharp's 46in TV's have witnessed a sales surge of 150% in the past 12 months. Significantly, slimmer designs mean that 42in sets are now made to occupy the same living room space as their 37in predecessors used to.

Of course, the main driving force towards bigger screens are falling prices. Economies of scale, technological advances and new entrants are all helping to drive down prices.

Not so long ago, 32in screens were seen by many consumers as the upper limit in the size of TV they felt comfortable with. Now 40in + and even 50in screens are commonplace, and with the likes of LG producing affordable 60in units, the upward trend looks set to continue.

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