Saturday, December 29, 2007

LG 32LB75 LCD is pure Design Art

With their 'Design Art' LCD and Plasma TV's, the Korean electronics giant LG has gone from clunky to cool virtually overnight.

LG Recognized at an early stage that consumers were being enticed as much by the design aspect of a flat panel TV as by its performance. Employing a Milan based design studio, LG began to introduce a range of high style LCD and Plasma screens earlier this year which quickly captured the public's imagination.

The latest fruits of LG's design partnership is the LB75 range of LCD TV's. Once again, we have to blink twice, not having completely erased the memory of clunky LG's of the past, before we can appreciate the stylistic merits of this screen.

With a glossy black finish, every element of the 32LB75 seems to blend into the next, rather than appearing to be a collection of hastily bolted together components.

First indications are that the 32LB75 is an excellent performer, with decent black levels and excellent Standard and High Definition pictures along with a rich and accurate colour palette. Look out for the review on HDTVorg coming shortly.

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