Thursday, January 24, 2008

LG Plasma line-up for 2008

Emphasizing slim design, advanced calibration options, hidden speakers and wireless connectivity, LG have announced 4 new plasma screen lines for 2008.

The flagship PG70 and PG60 series both feature a design which LG describes as being similar to a single pane of glass with a non-reflective internal cell structure aimed at reducing glare from ambient light. Both models are likely to be available with THX Display certification by the third-quarter of 2008. Both lines sport an impressive 4 HDMI inputs.

The PG70 with an optional transmission component, gives consumers the opportunity to eliminate cords with 802.11n wireless connectivity.

The step down PG30 series loses a single HDMI input while retaining the Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution of the higher spec panels. Again, it comes with a slim design, but not the ultra slim 'pane of glass' style of the PG70/60 models.

The PG20 Series loses Full HD resolution, and contrast ratio is down to 15,000:1 form the 30,000:1 of the PG30.

All of LG's new plasmas feature their invisible speaker system which incorporates speaker actuators which hug the perimeter of the bezel, removing the need for traditional speaker drivers and their associated grills. The new system enables the new sleek look of these plasma, and according to LG produces a larger 'sweet spot' for sound.

The PG70/60/30 will be available in 50in and 60in sizes with the PG20 being offered in 42in and 50in varieties. No information as yet on UK prices and availability.

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mokthar_ismail said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I really love to have a plasma. But, its price is expensive (for me lah...) I simply can't afford it.

There are some cheap ones from China PRC though. Quality wise...questionable.

In term of picture and color definition, LG's Plasma is the best!