Friday, January 25, 2008

Samsung Launches Whopping 14.6 Megapixel SLR

The Samsung GX-20, aimed at the top end of the amateur market, is expected to be launched in March.

Samsung announces the launch of a new digital SLR camera aimed at the top end of the amateur market. The GX-20, to be released in March, boasts an impressive 14.6 megapixels and is priced at $1,400 when bundled with an 18-55mm lens.

Robert King, Commercial Director of Samsung Cameras says, "With the launch of the GX-20 digital SLR, Samsung has a full digital camera line-up ranging from convergent compact digital cameras through to high-end fully-featured digital SLRs. This product is the start of an exciting DSLR range for Samsung as it is our first DSLR with our own manufactured CMOS sensor. This is a very important step for Samsung which is set to support our expansion in this competitive product sector. The new GX-20 offers cutting-edge functions as well as outstanding picture quality to satisfy users of all abilities."

The GX-20 has a 2.7" LCD screen, and live view through either the optical viewfinder or the LCD display; it's capable of continuous shooting at speeds of 3fps for nine-frame bursts. Additional features include an Enhanced Digital Filter, which allows for a greater range of exposures and can be used to add effects or compensate for missing pixels after taking a photo, a shake-reducing system, a water- and dust-resistant body and the Dual Dust Removal System, which removes particles from the sensor. There is a one-touch RAW button; the GX-20 is also capable of converting RAW files to JPEG format.

Samsung has also announced the launch of two new lenses, 18-55mm II F3.5~F5.6 and 18-250mm F3.5~F6.3. The lenses, which are also released in March, are compatible with both the GX-20 and the already-released GX-10.,141753-c,digitalcameras/article.html

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