Thursday, January 3, 2008

SED TV technology down but not out

Having heard similar claims from various manufacturers before, the skeptics among us will take with a pinch of salt Canon's announcement that it is to once again promote a new form of flat screen display technology.

In fact, Canon had planned to launch their SED (surface conduction electron-emitter display) screens with manufacturing partner Toshiba in 2007.

However, these plans were shelved when Canon failed to reach an agreement with a third party company, 'Nano-Proprietry' who hold patents related to the new technology.

SED technology works along the same lines as CRT except instead of one large electron gun firing at all the screen phosphors that light up to create the on screen image, SED has thousands of tiny electron guns known as "emitters" for each phosphor sub-pixel which enable a vastly superior picture.

Cannon plans to introduce their own take on SED technology and bypass the problems with Nano-Proprietry. No time scales have been released by Canon to give any indication as to when their new SED screens will become available commercially. The skeptics among us will pause for a wry smile, while we are all hoping that Canon may actually surprise us all and be the first manufacturer to release a revolutionary flat screen technology some time soon.

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