Saturday, January 5, 2008

Laser TV set to star at CES 2008

With the invitations already sent out, the Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi plans to unveil its take on laser TV at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

At half the weight, and using quarter of the electricity of conventional plasma and LCD TVs there is understandably much interest in the laser TV's.

With the technology's ability to increase the screens colour content from 30-35% of what the eye can see to 90%, laser screens have certainly wetted the appetite.

Whether or not Mitsubishi will unveil something significant, which has the potential for commercial launch, remains to be seen. Along with a growing number of industry insiders we have become more and more skeptical about revolutionary new screen technologies.

It is not so much that the new technologies don't work, in fact demonstrations of SED and OLED based screens for example have been quite jaw dropping. Having developed a growing feeling that these technologies have been demonstrated for marketing purposes however, it is the potential that they have for a commercial launch in the foreseeable future that will now make really sit up and take notice.


Grandy said...

Pssst!! Marilyn!!

Please don't tell my hubby there is a newer one coming out. We just bought a new TV on New Years Eve and I don't need him shopping.

Deal?? ;)

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